About Us

We, at Healthline Pvt. Ltd., have pioneered development of products based on silk protein for medical and cosmetic application.

Our R&D is recognized by DSIR, Government of India; we work in close collaboration with national research institutes. We are ISO-9001-2008 certified and are licensed under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act for manufacture of cosmetics.

With support from SBIRI, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and collaborative research, we have developed a range of sericin based cosmetics – The PurMyso Range

Our range of silk protein cosmetics and personal care products contains Sericin – Silk protein hydrolysate as the key active ingredient.

We have a robust pipeline products with varied applications based on the moisturizing, protective and anti wrinkle properties of Sericin.

The main focus of our discovery pipeline is on such differentiated products that offer quality, affordability with proven efficacy and safety

Introduction About Silk : "Silk Beyond Sarees"!

Silk is one of the most amazing materials in the natural world and has many more hidden powers waiting to be unraveled.

Silk in its raw state consists of two main proteins, sericin and fibroin; fibroin being the structural core of silk, and sericin being the coating material surrounding it.

Properties of Silk

Silk has an exceptional ability to absorb and release moisture, excellent  air transmissivity, a distinctive luster, a capacity to absorb ultraviolet rays, a strong resistance to water, and an acid-neutralization effect.

Especially worthy of mention is its natural affinity with the skin and high biocompatibility, the two properties that explain why silk has been used for so long as a material for surgical thread. Newer applications for silk have been developed for artificial skin, contact lenses, and medical sensors.

Silk protein – Sericin- is an approved natural ingredient listed in International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients with functional classification as antistatic, hair conditioning, skin conditioning, smoothening agent & applications ranging from hair conditioners to anti wrinkle and hydrating creams.

It was used for centuries in Orient by the Empresss of China and Japan to stretch their youth.

Attributes of Sericin

SERICIN is a high molecular weight, natural, soluble glycoprotein constituent of silk.

  • Moisturizer
  • Nutrient
  • Chemo-protective
  • UV Protection