• Why is silk protein selected as the material for the facial mask?

Silk protein is well-known to the softest, healthiest natural fiber. Silk Protein is dissolvable and can be absorbed directly by the human skin.  It can combine with the skin cell to revitalize the skin.  It is the most advanced unique nutritive material for skin and hair products in the market today. It contains a variety of amino acids which would aid skin's metabolism. Facial Silk Mask promotes cell regeneration, is effective for damaged cells repair and reduces fine lines. Apart from these, Silk protein is a natural moisturizer, it has highly-effective hydration properties to tighten skin and make the skin more elastic, bright, radiant and fair. It also effectively controls the growth of melanin in the skin, so it has fantastic results for skin beautification

  • How is PurMyso Silk Protein Face Mask different from other face mask?

PurMyso Silk Face Mask features the advanced ingredients to deliver ecstatic results and provides various restorative functions. It is easy and convenient to use. Its major ingredients are Silk protein hydrolysate, Antioxidants and Vitamin E which promote cell renewal, restore damaged cells and reduce fine lines, leaving the skin radiant, fair and firm.

  • Do I wash my face AFTER using the mask?

After using the mask, wash your face with cold water.

  • How often should I use PURMYSO facial mask?

We recommend using PURMYSO facial mask two times a week for better results.

  • How should I store the facial mask?
  • Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight